domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

In the end It's not about you.

Sit back and in these days remember my ways
Oh will i get out of my cage?Yes i am a slave

Searching for some freedom
So intend to sing them songs to spark, memories
What is a man with no history? Where am I?
Who am I ?What is this place?
We're just spinning in space

I will be light, I will be light,I will be light,I will be light

Time will continue without you. So in the end its not about you.
But,what did you do? Who do you love besides you?
Beside you, many died in the name of vanity
Many die, in their minds eye, for justice
We die for you, and still do
So i say to you, this is nothing new

In one tiny moment in time
For life to shine, to shine. Burn away the darkness
You've got one tiny moment in time for life to shine, to shine
To burn away the darkness


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